Cape May County Bridge Commission

Announces Updated Schedule for E-ZPass Installation and Postponement of Recommended Toll Increase

March 27, 2017

             Cape May Court House, NJ-   The Cape May County Bridge Commission announced an updated schedule today concerning its new E-ZPass tolling system.  Originally targeted for completion by June 1, the new system will be installed and activated over the course of the next 4 to 5 months on the Commission’s five toll bridges along scenic Ocean Drive in Cape May County.  The Commission also announced that a previously recommended toll increase that was scheduled to take effect upon the June 1 completion of the E-ZPass system installation will instead be postponed.

             The installation of E-ZPass will occur in various construction phases and will be activated as each bridge is completed.  In anticipation of the new system, contracts are scheduled to be awarded in April 2017 for updating electrical conduits and installing sensors, electrical equipment, and aluminum overhead support structures.

             Due to the phased nature of the construction and activation of the E-ZPass system into the summer, the Commission has determined that a toll increase mid-summer would be unnecessarily complicated, confusing, and burdensome to bridge customers and therefore, decided to postpone any discussion of a toll increase until after such time as E-ZPass is fully functional.  This delay will allow the Commission to focus on the construction and activation of a new, efficient and customer friendly tolling system and gain insight as to its performance and impact prior to implementing a new tolling schedule.

             “We have received a great deal of positive feedback about the implementation of the E-ZPass system; however, there has also been confusion over whether or not the toll increase is due to the expenses related to the E-ZPass system.  The fact is that the current tolling system on the Bridges is antiquated and in immediate need of upgrading and replacement.  The new E-ZPass tolling system is the logical new system for the Commission to invest in and the decision to upgrade our system to E-ZPass has minimal bearing on any possible future toll increase,” according to Bridge Commission Executive Director Karen Coughlin.  “The vast majority of increased revenues derived from any toll increase will go directly to structural, functional, and aesthetic upgrades to the 1930’s vintage bridges.”

             As a result of the above, the previously scheduled April 27th public hearing on a possible toll increase has been cancelled and will likely be scheduled for the late Fall of this year.  Public input in the hearing is appreciated and encouraged.

             For additional information, please contact Karen Coughlin at 609-465-7806.